Repetitive John PRESS KIT Electronic performance poet, rePetitive JOhn creates hypnotic, looping recitations...

Drop Cap R
Compulsive-creative Repetitive John has smashed up noises for decades. From sellotaped reel-to-reel tape-loops, through cassette-based collages to Peak-edited clattering cut-up street-voice incantations

John Houston Irvine was once the much trusted cassette-jockey for the Vic Reeves live gigs. He was the only member of parallel universe fantasy garage band The Four Plugs who got a couple of singles played on Peel at the end of the 70s and whose only modern fan is Henry Rollins. Repetitive John has spent 40 years reciting to vomiting rebels in the drunken rooms of poetry-sewer London. He is the author of the ever popular and also creates ambient drones under the name BooLooLoo Numbers

Repetitive John's vinyl release is We Can See Thru Your Vile Propaganda, an 8 minute protest-chant featuring John's ever faithful Gang Of Repeaters who recite the titular one-line-poem over 103 times. Channeling the children from the Village Of The Damned and the chanting through the wall in Rosemary's Baby this meditative mnemonic aims to bring some communal positivity to the era of post-belief
Available for streaming, as a download or on 12" 45rpm vinyl

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